Best friend train suicide Thursday 21/1/16

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Best friend train suicide Thursday 21/1/16

Post by LuluH » Mon Jan 25, 2016 10:50 am

I'm having difficulty processing the news my best friend of 40 years took his life by walking in front of a train on Thursday . A quiet, gentle man . My gay best friend. I was the last to see him on his way to the doctor a few days before. He hugged me and said he was glad to have seen me as he was stressed with his work, he had been bullied in past and his job was changing and he could not cope being not computer literate . I said I thought he must be depressed and to tell doc and get some time off. He kept muttering , he wasn't himself . I text him later to see what doc said and he had been given 2 weeks off for stress.
Two days later I receive the most traumatic call I've ever received from his brother saying Philip had died. Suicude under a train. No note been found. I collapsed in shock at work . I saw his parents , both late eighties yesterday. So traumatic. It's so hard to take in. The gay community in my town are in shock, they've lost a brother . I've lost my darling friend age 54. We all keep saying why? There is no funeral date yet as police, coroner involved. I feel as if I'm in a nightmare .

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Re: Best friend train suicide Thursday 21/1/16

Post by evangelia » Thu Feb 04, 2016 7:39 pm

LuluH ,i'm so sorry for your loss.
It is really hard to cope when a loved one leave this world in such a cruel way.
I have lost my brother 5 months ago and was,(still is) the hardest period of my life.
they are not much things to say to ease your pain,just remeber you not alone!

big hug

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