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new topic new knees

Postby suepred » Tue Sep 24, 2013 6:18 pm

My surgery went quite well. I was released from the hospital Sept3, and have been puttering around the house since. The care I received was amazing as was the response from my friends. I start out patient physical therapy next week. I feel really good and am really glad I did this. I actually have less pain now than I did before! Some of you may know I find my husband sends me signs through the bird kingdom; especially red-tailed hawks. Well it is no surprise that on day 2 after surgery as I visited with my room mate in the afternoon that a beautiful red-tail hawk soared past our 11th floor window and seemed to look in and slow down! He was beautiful! I just sighed and knew as always Mikey is in my heart. peace suepred.
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