Tennessee: Memorial Quilt

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Tennessee: Memorial Quilt

Postby Karyl » Sat Feb 25, 2012 12:26 pm

Dear Friends,

If you live in Tennessee, or if you have a family member who died by suicide in Tennessee, are you interested in having that person memorialized on a quilt?

I am the coordinator for the 2012 suicide memorial quilt in Tennessee. If you would like information about how to request a quilt square for the quilt, please e-mail me at karycb@bellsouth.net . (There is no charge for the quilt square.)

The quilt is a project of the Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network. We display quilts all over Tennessee at suicide awareness, education, and prevention events. Many people find the quilts to be powerful reminders that suicide happens to real people, people who were loved, not just numbers and statistics.
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