* Missing Photos on Faces of Suicide Site *

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* Missing Photos on Faces of Suicide Site *

Postby Karyl » Sun Feb 19, 2012 7:46 pm

Dear Friends,

If you submitted a photo to the original Faces of Suicide site between the years of 2007 and 2010, we need your help.

In 2007, we started the Faces of Suicide site. We had almost 700 photos on it. Then, the site crashed, and everything was gone.

A few months later, Rick Hellewell, Jason's dad, rebuilt the Faces of Suicide site (with improvements), but that meant that we were starting from scratch.

Every single photo had to be completely resubmitted.

Some people did resubmit their photos - but many did not. I assume they thought that the photos would eventually be put back on, so they did not worry about it.

I have many of those photos in my files, but I have not had time to track them and the information down. (I am going to try to start working on it, but there are about 500 missing photos right now - this is an overwhelming job to do.)

If you put a photo on the original Faces of Suicide site, please check to see if it is on the new site at www.facesofsuicide.com

If it is, fine. If the photo is NOT there, please get it and re-submit. Today.

We really want all of the original photos to be on the site, but we have to have your help. Please.

Love and peace,
Karyl, mother of Arlyn
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