Deism, a belief system that sets you free.

For those who wish to share how your faith has helped you deal with the suicide of another perons -- if you can do so in a non-preachy way.

Deism, a belief system that sets you free.

Postby randallstepp » Mon Jun 10, 2013 6:57 pm

The reason i am posting is that I hate to see people worry about their loved ones being in hell. Hell was invented by religion to keep people in a constant state of insecurity. How could you ever trust or love a God that created a place to eternally torment his creation, we would regard any person that did the same as simply evil. My conscience which is God given tells me that the whole concept of Hell is morally wrong. I researched religion tirelessly after losing my son and concluded it was all man made. I just trust that the God that gave us this world and the ability to enjoy its beauty will take care of us when this life is over. So now I'm a deist which simply means I believe in God as evidenced by observing his creation. I do not believe in holy books written by man, but credited to God. I believe God created this world and gave us free will and he will be waiting to welcome us home, not judge us,after this life is over. No man can fake the glory of a sunrise, it is there for all to see. No matter your nationality, education or ability to read holy writings. If God reveals something to you, then it was meant for you alone. Deism has changed my outlook on everything, almost all of the founding fathers were deist's and had issues with revealed religions and their abuse of their followers. Deism means no angry god, no hell, no guilt. Just use your God given logic and follow your God given conscience. I urge everyone to read Age of Reason by Thomas Paine, it really explains the merits of deism.

"Religion is for those afraid of hell, spirituality is for those who are there"
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