psychic made things worse

For those who wish to share how your faith has helped you deal with the suicide of another perons -- if you can do so in a non-preachy way.

psychic made things worse

Postby angelseeker » Tue Apr 12, 2011 11:10 am

dear all
i lost my gf to suicide eight and a half months ago. i am the executor of the estate and her so called best friend has made my life hell for me since losing my gf, not to mention her trailor trash family with the exception of her one amazing brother.getting to the point, i went to see a pscyhic whom a close friend of mine has been going to many times over the years becos i wanted to see if my gf would come thru regarding the betrayal of her friend and family of so many of her wishes after she died,
. well, i was soooo shocked when , instead, the psychic told me my gf came through and wanted to tell me she had cheated on me during our relationship at some point as she was angry !... that she was a " bitch on earth"but she appreciated all i had done for her. that her suicide was " her not me" i burst into tears and whether its true or not,you can imagine how it has left me feeling. have i not been thru enough with losing her to suicide .now i feel so stuck in limbo. i cant go backwards and i sure as hell cant go forwards. i know many of you wont and dont believe in psychics but i do, always have, am very spiritually tuned in to the fact that there is an afterlife. i dont know if this resonates with any of you but my gf was taking drugs one minute, gave that up and then was drinking heavily when she tookher own life. her life for her must have felt out of control from depression and substance abuse. so what i am saying is,, it was hard enough to move forward with ehrcommitted suicide, now this " confession from the afterlife" has put me back months if that is possible, back to feelings of low self esteem and anger and frustration. ugh.does this resonate with anyone?
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Re: psychic made things worse

Postby Crystl » Tue Apr 12, 2011 5:42 pm

angelseeker..I'm so sorry that stupid psychic found the need to tell you that....totally innapropriate I believe..

losing someone to suicide is the 'worst' to deal with and this psychic should know better than to tell someone something that would make their grief worse..
I would not be seeing that person again if I were you..unless it's to tell them to show more empathy, compassion and proffesionalism

I went to see a psychic a few months ago and when I left he still didn't know I'd lost my son to suicide and I didn't tell him!!!....

I believe in psychics as you do but I think there are some dodgy ones out there....sounds like yours was one of them
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Re: psychic made things worse

Postby angelseeker » Wed Apr 13, 2011 6:43 am

thank you SOO much for sharing. crystl,. i agree. in fact.20 years ago i went to a brilliant psychic. she was really spot on.
and she even told me psychics wont share stuff thats going to freak the client out like deaths etc. this one was even insensitive enough to say" there will be more deaths around you but older people!have i not been through enough. i will not go back.
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Re: psychic made things worse

Postby ScottsMom » Wed Apr 13, 2011 9:09 am

That is so horrible, I couldn't even respond when I read it last night. How could anyone do that? Telling you this - even if true - would not serve anyone. Really cruel.

I wouldn't go back either. I am still so disgusted.

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Re: psychic made things worse

Postby angelseeker » Wed Apr 13, 2011 9:51 am

thank so much, hon, for saying that. seriously it has thrown me into a worse depression even though i know i shouldnt let it get to me. thank you for your kind support.hugs:)
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Re: psychic made things worse

Postby Dragonfly » Thu Apr 21, 2011 7:07 am

What a terrible thing to say to someone!!!

A psychic medium who has also written a book and who I have had a number of readings with said that one should come away from a reading feeling uplifted.
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Re: psychic made things worse

Postby Grant » Fri Apr 22, 2011 4:59 am

angelseeker - wow that would be dreadful to experience. We are all in such an emtionally fragile state right now that anything can cause massive damage, and you got hit with an emtional tidal wave. I don't for a second believe what the medium said, and I suspect that you don't either. It doesn't stop you having the reaction you did though as for us blokes it's our weakest point by miles! For this 'psychic' to INVENT such hurtful and untrue stories about someone who has passed is close to criminal. Be completely assured that what he/she came up with reflects his/her mindset and inner pscyhoses rather than anything about your girlfriend -trust me on that one.

The crucial point is that it isn't real. Nothing to do with whether psychics are real or not. You would have known if she had been cheating. You know that and for that reason these feelings of fear, doubt and confusion will pass - unfortunately to be replaced with the sadness and emptiness of before. Jealously is an insidious beast and in this case it's not even real. The psychic is the one with jealousy issues and presumably psychological scars from it. To project them onto you - in such a vulnerable place is just disgraceful. It's easy to say 'ignore it' but your mind won't work like that. It's a bit like people telling us to 'get over it' about our loved ones. You cannot 'tell' your mind and heart to do anything when it comes to our loved one.

Obviously, never ever go back to that 'pscyhic' - personally I would vote for not going to any of them for a long time. You, like many of us, are healing. And going to a psychic whilst healing is like trying to climb a mountain and then do an assault course immediately following a heart-attack.

I'm not a huge believer myself, but I did find this article about the afterlife, and the link at the end very very interesting, hopeful and uplifting. See what you think, and consign the sick phantasies of this bogus medium to the bin where they belong: ... 04364.html
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Re: psychic made things worse

Postby Sweetpea » Fri Apr 22, 2011 11:57 pm

Wow how terrible! I don't know whether I believe in psychics or not. Just like religion, I'd like to believe but I have a hard time doing so.

Regardless, there's absolutely NO way your girlfriend would EVER do that to you!!! You know it, I know it, heck I'm sure that psychic knows it too!!!! I believe that our loved ones, regardless of our histories or problems in the past, would not want to hurt us now. They'd want us to know that they love us and they want us to be happy. I'm sure they're already sorry for putting us through all this grief, there's no way in hell they'd want to add to it in such a cruel way!

I'm sorry that psychic tried to hurt you! That's so darn insensitive! Clearly he/she has never felt the horrible loss and pain of losing someone to suicide. I believe karma get's people in the end and boy does he/she have it coming!!!!
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Re: psychic made things worse

Postby Kellysgirl » Fri May 06, 2011 10:00 pm

WOW...that left me shaking my head...I also go to a psychic..I went 4 days after my boyfriend hung himself 8 months ago...Unlike your psychic..she gave me comfort..she told me that he was smiling down at me...that he had to go and as you know all to well the emotions you are left to feel after the death...she told me that it was just his time to go...I struggled with that considering I had been brought up to believe that God knows when we are going to die before we are ever born...I do believe that he does know that though...and had it not been "Kellys time to go" he would not have been successful in his plan to take his own life...
I wish I could take away the things that so called psychic told you...I dont think your gf would want to hurt you anymore than her death already has...Iw ish i could take the feelings that reading left you with away...but all i can do is tell you that I believe with every bit of my being that God is with those are in the position to take their own lives...he has to be..I believe he knows their sadness and despair and I dont believe for one second he leaves their psychic told me that Kellys spirit and soul had left his body before he died...then he had to dispose of his body the only way he knew how...and I hang on to that...she said that God teaches us things through others and for some reason God has decided to teach me things I wish he wouldnt...but he has...and I have to learn from them...that doesnt mean I dont question God or wonder why...because I do...human nature...and it doesnt lessen my pain and aching...I do not believe your gf wants to hurt you even after her death...
I believe God can offer you answers...for me they come in different ways...a phone call when i am at my lowest...the sun shining on my face (i love the sun) my sons telling me they love me or laughing when I want to break down and cry...and then there are times I feel God right beside me, holding me...
I will pray for peace for you
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Re: psychic made things worse

Postby Moun10dew » Wed Apr 10, 2013 8:08 pm

Angelseeker, I see its been a few years since you originally posted your story. I hope you have had a chance to go to another since then and/or have found the peace you deserve. I have gone to two psychics myself. The first, while there was some accurate info just felt like she wanted to get more $ out of me. The second one I went to....well I left very happy with what I was told. I also left a bit sad. Just by the fact that my girlfriend said it was a mistake and that I meant so much to her and she regrets the pain she has caused me. I told her I forgive her because I still love her.
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