My first poem

A place for review and commentary on books about suicide or suicide grief, on movies (or televison shows) or songs which touch upon suicide issues.

My first poem

Postby evangelia » Sat Feb 13, 2016 4:26 pm

I imagine you being a sea eagle, crossing the Aegean see,
wind in your wings and majestic views, you free!

I imagine you being an almond tree, birds playing on your brunches.
Every spring you blossom in full glory,you are a wonder!

I imagine you being a lively stream,running playfully down, till the see,
creatures quench their thirst in your banks, Carefree!

i see you in the sky,between fluffy clouds,in every rainbow in every bright star,peaceful!

I see you in every beautiful part of this world,
you where part of this world
you where beautiful

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