Bereavement Boot Camp Carole Brody Fleet

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Bereavement Boot Camp Carole Brody Fleet

Post by psyquestor » Mon Aug 26, 2013 1:47 pm

Bereavement Boot Camp #1: I'm Still Here: ... 17639.html
"I am still here. Although I have experienced a devastating, life-altering event or seemingly insurmountable challenge, it is because I am still here that automatically makes me entitled to a life of abundance -- the life that I truly want to live. I do not have to wait any specific amount of time to begin or continue my Healing Journey and I will not feel guilty over my pursuit of healing; nor will I question my right to live a life of happiness. Settling for less than the life that I choose to design for myself is not now, nor will it ever be an option".
Bereavement Boot Camp #2: My Healing Journey is Mine! ... 53556.html
"My Healing Journey... is mine. It belongs to no one else. I cannot be compared to any other people and my loss can't be compared to any other loss experience. Even though there may be people around me who wish I would, I cannot "hurry up" my grief and for that reason, I will not try to rush through my healing processes. I accept that healing is neither fast nor easy and I will therefore truthfully honor whatever it is that I'm feeling when I am feeling it; rather than let others' opinions dictate how I "should" be feeling."
Bereavement Boot Camp #3: Stop Putting off Proactivity! ... 88951.html
"I recognize that the mere passage of time will not further my Healing Journey. I also recognize that I cannot avoid the grieving process and to try to do so will only result in my grief eventually resurfacing. I will therefore commit to being proactive on my Healing Journey. I will acquire whatever educational tools speak to me in a positive and uplifting way. I also recognize that I do not have to do this alone and I will surround myself with the support of others who understand exactly what I have been through, whether it is through a support group or an online support community. Lastly, if I have made a true and sincere effort to move forward and I still do not feel as though I am making any progress, I will consult with my doctor, my cleric, a coach, a therapist, a mental health expert or anyone else who is in a position to help."
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