what my head says and what my emotions want are so diffrent

Especially for those who have lost husbands, wifes, boyfriends, girlfriends, or partners to suicide.

what my head says and what my emotions want are so diffrent

Postby rememberingrichard » Tue Nov 11, 2014 3:55 pm

Its been two months and 3 days I see a lot of things that remind me of Richard and its a reminder he's not here anymore. He was my first love and all the love I wanted to know. When I meet someone who looks like Richard or is like him I. Immediately smitten by him and it reminds me that richard was such an amazing guy and miss loving and being loved by someone. But then my head snaps back into the fact that what I want or rather who I want that love with is with Richard and I don't feel its healthy to base an attraction on someone whom I'm only attracted to becausd he reminds me of richard and fore see problems ahead if I kid myself into thinking I can fill the hole that richard filled or even come close to having The same kind of relationship I had with richard because I know it won't ever be the same ever! But I want that love and partnership soo bad and miss it dearly. Clearly I need to work on myself a lot more than myself with someone new but my emotions can't help to miss that feeling ,however he was much more than the person who made me feel that way as I'm writing this I'm realizing it was richard that gave me those feelings and it will take a lot more than someone whom I think will give me that same kind of love
So I guess I'll just sit wait wish and grow slowly from it (like I have a choice)
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