My brother's bday...

Especially for those who have lost a sister or brother to suicide
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My brother's bday...

Post by bluejules82 » Fri Aug 10, 2012 3:11 pm

My brother has now been gone for 7 months. His bday was just a couple weeks ago. Even now it just seems so unreal that he is even gone. But visiting a grave on someones bday just makes my heart hurt. I have had the hardest time bouncing back after that. My parents bdays rolled around and of coarse they were filled with emotion and no one really wanted to celebrate it. then Josh's bday was here and i dreaded it all month. There are still songs i cant bare to hear. People always tell you it gets easier. I dont think thats true. Even people that have been through similar situations say it gets easier. For me i believe people are great at adapting. thats all it is. when i think about him leaving this world it is just as hard as the day we found out he passed. I have just simply adapted to living a life with out my brother in it. Its not that its harder or easier...u just live with it. I have had some pretty big events happen this year and i just miss him so much. I wanted him there so bad when i bought my first house, when i turned 30....
He would have been 35 on july 28th. Instead of going to eat sushi for his bday like we always did. we went to his grave.

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Re: My brother's bday...

Post by jillslay8 » Sun Aug 12, 2012 6:29 am

I am so sorry for you. I feel the same way It has been 5 months for me and it hurts just as bad as day 1 I do get mad to cause he took my brother from me. I wish I could make it all better but to me nothing is getting better for me only worse and it sucks
Ken,I miss you so much it hurts. I hope you found what you wanted. All we found is pain.

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Re: My brother's bday...

Post by angela092402 » Mon Dec 01, 2014 4:36 am

Next year, get sushi! Honor him, love him, celebrate him. I have done that with cake, candles, gifts for my children on my brother's birthday. It feels better, it heals, and you have honored his living soul. All of my love, Angela

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Re: My brother's bday...

Post by auntyjuju » Tue Jan 06, 2015 9:13 pm

Here here I agree, go buy the sushi as you always did and go hang where you normally did, have a giggle, talk about him do the same as you would of when he was earthbound. Im sure if you could ask him what he wanted to do would he really say " Forget the sushi go hang out at my tomb stone" Always always think well what would he say and you know youll know the answer. I ask my brother Simon all the time ' What would you do bro ?' I always get my answer. Maybe visit his grave on another day rather than his birthday and it doesn't have to be a somber affair either. When my brother was dying in the hospital my family behaved and treated Simon in exactly the same way as we did when he was concious, we laughed around his bed so often dont get me wrong we were in heaps on the floor
too but it was important for us to be natural with him even in dreadful circumstances because none of us want to create a gloomy negative energy around his body. He will have absorbed some that good energy from people that loved the bones of him.

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